Self-learning software and electrical engineering through research & development. Filming the entire process on YouTube.


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I was never the best at school or academics, I’m just a super curious guy. My channel exists to share these ideas and theories that interest me. I spend a lot of time building software and electronics, but there’s also a lot more to it. I’ve been working on a video format to document the logic, reasoning, and problems encountered during the process of learning engineering. A combination of innovation and storytelling.

Software Development
  • Java/C# Automation. CPU bound business logic
  • Low level/embedded IoT programming
  • Cloud computing, microservices, APIs, full stack web apps
  • LED Music visualizer
  • Robotics, batteries, embedded systems
  • Trying to not blow myself up by teaching myself EE is quite exciting
Video Production
  • Developer Vlog: Document the learning process of engineering
  • Weekly videos on YouTube. Building a community of technology enthusiasts.
  • High quality visuals and meaningful stories
Popular Projects
Future Ventures (Teach myself in 2019)
  • Scalable distributed systems (infrastructure, networks, microservices)
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Image/Video processing
  • Security
  • File servers / personal datacenter / NAS
  • Blockchain
  • Embedded Systems (more IoT)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Toasting bread instantly

I have many interests besides technology that I may share in a similar approach. You can read more about my technology stack on the software page.